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Q. What type of microchip are we using? 

A. We have chosen a mini microchip that use a smaller injection and are super safe. These have a great reputation for reliability, accurate data storage.


Q. How long does it take for the registration to be effective? 

A. We have a team of expert data entry personnel that will process all registration in the seven days immediately following the microchipping Blitz weekend. This is then uploaded direct to the data system for registration.


Q. What happens if you find my pet already microchipped? 

A. Unfortunately we will not be able to proceed as will not be able to verify proof of ownership. You will need to contact your local vet.


Q. Am I allowed to get more than one pet microchipped? 

A. Yes, as long as when you are making your booking you book an appointment for each animal. There are numerous appointments available in each time slot.


Q. How long will it take on the day? 

A. On the day you will be required to pay the fee of $10 per animal, complete the registration form for each animal, we will need to scan each animal and then the actual microchipping will take only a minute. If people are patient and cooperative it should all flow easily and you will be done in 15 minutes.


Q. Does microchipping hurt? 

A. Some animals feel it more than others. A very sharp blade is attached to the implanting device so it's a quick and simple procedure. If the animal does feel pain it is only minimal and passes quickly. 


Q. Where is the microchip placed? 

A. The chips are generally implanted between the shoulder blades or on the back of the neck.


Q. Who will do the implanting? 

A. Only fully trained authroised implanters will be used. 

Q. How do I get my registration certificate?

A. All certificates are sent via email. If you do not have a current email address please make sure you get one prior to chipping or ask to use a friends. This is vital.

Q. Will my pet be microchipped as per the booking schedule?

A. We keep as close to this as possible however We keep as close to this as possible however we ask for your patience as we prioritise the safety of each animal ahead of your comfort or patience level.

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